R.A.M.S By Baz

Empowering Thought Leaders on Their Heroic Journey of Transformation

Our Mission

At R.A.M.S by Baz, we guide CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, and other C-suite executives, along with visionary thought leaders, on a transformative journey akin to a hero’s quest.

We equip these modern-day heroes with strategic insights and personalized coaching to overcome professional landscapes and personal adversities.

Our tailored approach helps leaders reshape their worlds, forging resilient legacies and profound impacts that resonate within their organizations and beyond.

Who We Are

Baz Porter®, founder of R.A.M.S by Baz, is a High-Performance Coach with over 15 years of experience in fostering the growth of top executives and entrepreneurs.

Driven by a passion for creating lasting change, Baz has perfected the R.A.M.S framework to address the symptoms of leadership challenges and their core causes through a deep understanding of trauma, mindset transformation, and strategic leadership development.

How We Help

The Heroic Framework

Phase 1
Phase 1: Discover

Introduction to R.A.M.S Framework: Join our free masterclass to grasp the fundamentals of Results, Attitude, Mastery, and Systems, setting the stage for transformative growth.

Phase 2: Develop

Personalized Coaching Sessions: Receive tailored one-on-one coaching that strategically addresses your unique challenges and elevates your leadership capabilities.

Phase 3: Deliver

Ongoing Support and Mastery: Benefit from continuous engagement and advanced strategies to maintain leadership excellence and adapt to evolving challenges.

Phase 4: Deepen

Advanced Skill Development: Intensive sessions focused on deepening expertise in critical areas identified during earlier phases to ensure mastery and effective application.

Phase 5: Design

Strategic Implementation Planning: Collaborate to design actionable, strategic plans that integrate the R.A.M.S principles into daily operations and long-term objectives.

Phase 6: Drive

Empowered Execution: With newfound skills and strategies, drive initiatives and projects with confidence, leading to measurable outcomes and sustained impact.

Phase 7: Dedicate

Legacy Building: Focus on creating a meaningful legacy through leadership that inspires, cultivates growth in others, and promotes a culture of continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us

Our coaching program is built on empathy, ethics, and excellence. We understand the isolation that can come with high-level leadership roles and provide a confidential, supportive environment where leaders can openly address their most profound challenges.

We aim to transform these challenges into powerful opportunities for growth and leadership.

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